About the blog

Welcome! This is a safe place to learn…

Hi there!

On this blog you will find stories related to what I do, what I observe, what I hear, anything I experience about myself and other people.

The topics are varied. I’m interested in different things music, books, tea, dancing, poetry, playing tennis, trying new things, exploring the world. I am a teacher who likes traveling so there will be a combination of teaching-traveling-learning experiences on my posts.

I’ve started writing since many years ago. I have a few notebooks with all my annotations. Those ideas that come to your mind and take a shape thanks to a piece of paper and a pen. I never thought I will be brave enough to say them out load as they were always just for me. But here I am!

After learning about ‘writing‘ itself, I challenged myself to try. I am eternally grateful with those who have encouraged me to start on this project. The beginning of this adventure is my inner essence ‘to dream’, everyone has it so don’t take it for granted! My main goal is to inspire other teachers and people in general to keep learning and especially dreaming.

I hope you enjoy my lines and it is my wish to learn from your comments, questions or feedback.


What People Say

“Be like a tree, and let the dead leaves drop.”


“Am I a man who dreamed of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming myself to be a man?”


“The gift is to the giver and it comes back to him.”

W. Whitman