Yoga: breathe and release

Have you ever done yoga? If so, why did you bring yoga to your life? Do you find it easy? If you have some knowledge or you are a total beginner on this field, do not miss the chance to learn a little bit of yoga according to this Peruvian girl.

A few years ago I brought new activities to my life. One of them was ‘ yoga’. It was 2012, I remember how excited I was about to know more about it. I read information about the benefits, requirements and also how much would it cost. At that time there was only a couple of places in my city, of course both of them were too expensive for a recently graduated English teacher.

A couple of years later, with more money in my pockets I bought my first mat. I decided to register in one of those yoga centers. By the way, at that time there were more places in the city with more accesibles prices. Again I was very excited to do yoga. My first class was kind of painful though I was very relaxed. Perhaps, my body was not used to doing those movements and positions (they were so hard). Anyways, I attended a few sessions more, then I quit. My yoga mat became part of a beautiful collection of ‘I don’t know why I bought these things’ (I guess everyone has one at home).

A few years later I ended up in Australia. I decided to try yoga one more time, I was looking for healing. I could have chosen another activity. I’m pretty sure there are many options available but something inside told me yoga was the way. This time there were more options on the internet, tutorials, live sessions, free courses, and so on. After trying for several months I noticed I got more flexibility and more strength.

Something that really helps the yoga practice is breathing. Never doubt about the power of your breath. I remember that my first yoga teacher used to say: feel your breath, inhale and exhale. I just couldn’t find the connection at that moment. Nowadays, I just follow my breath to do the yoga poses. I can feel how the pain can be released through my breathing. Do not underestimate the potential of every breath.

“Breathing in, I am aware I have a body.

Breathing out, I release the pain from my body.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

This crisis around the world has put us under a lot of pressure, tension and especially uncertainty. I decided to rely on my yoga practice more than ever to keep myself calm and focus on the present. This situation is not easy for anyone, we just need to find some balance and ease. On this way we would be able to help our love ones. As I said yoga is just one option of many, you can find a way to make yourself serene.

Quietness in Adelaide (Australia), 2018

There are many different options on the internet for yoga tutorials. I recommend Yoga With Adrienne. I do yoga every day, and I try different videos according to what I need. If you are new in this practice there are options for beginners or if you only have 10 minutes free, there are also options for you. The secret is not to force or push your body, follow your breath and trust yourself.

Peace and light from here!

3 thoughts on “Yoga: breathe and release”

  1. Yoga is an amazing journey. I started doing it for overall healing. It has changed my life for the better. I like Boho Beautiful on Youtube. They have some great yoga workouts in some beautiful areas. Dzięki for the read!


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