My 36 are here!

I never thought that I would go that far, I mean live that much. When I was a child everyone used to talk about the end of the world in the year 2000. So according to my calculations I was supposed to live until the age of 16. At that time I was happy to know that at least I will have the chance to celebrate my fifteen party which is kind of special in Peru. It’s incredible in the way we think we are children, isn’t it?

Well here I am! Many, many years later there was no end of the world and this peruvian girl has turned 36 last Thursday. A reason enough to be grateful, don’t you think? Some people tend to hide their age, there’s nothing wrong about it. However, I think our age is more than a number, our age should make us feel proud. For me our age represents all the memories, people, places, knowledge and perhaps wisdom we have got so far. Each of them are part of us, they make us.

Every year we grow a little bit, physically and emotionally. Our birthdays could be a great opportunity to look back to think of all those memories, people, places, knowledge and show a lot of gratitude. Even though we have made mistakes, there’s no right or wrong answers. This is what life is about, to fail and to learn. So, embrace every single thing you’ve done!

I am 36 now and I can’t be more thankful with life. I guess I’ve lived all these years with passion. I have a beautiful family, I have amazing friends, I traveled to different places where I met wonderful people, I work in something I really enjoy. I tried to follow my dreams as much as I could. They still guide me.

“What you seek is seeking you.”


When I was a child I used to climb the tree we had at home and I loved spending hours there. I was fascinated of the colorful sunsets I could appreciate from that tree. I also enjoyed thinking or dreaming about how my life would be. I don’t remember what exactly I imagined, probably my life is as the one I pictured or it’s totally different. There’s only one thing I’m sure of, I am still that little girl who never stops dreaming.

If you celebrate your birthday soon, seize every minute of that day. It’s just yours. Think how much you have grown, think how much you have done and how much you will do. We can do a better version of ourselves every single day. Don’t miss this priceless opportunity. If you fail, don’t worry. Just try again (again and again)!!!!

Happy birthday, peace and light from here!

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