Mamá, the sweetest word!

Today is the second Sunday of May, in countries like Australia, the United States, Zambia, Peru among others are celebrating mother’s day. So, for the post of the week I thought to write some lines about the most amazing human being I’ve ever met, my mom.

  • mamá
  • mom
  • maman

Different ways to say mother, different languages, different cultures, the same sweet meaning.

I guess moms have special powers, there is always magic around them. Whenever I was scared, my mother was there to make me feel protected. Whenever I was sick or I had an injury, she was there to show me there was no pain she couldn’t cure.

On this picture I am with my mother, her name is Victoria by the way. That day there was a party or something I don’t remember well. We had a lot of fun even though she doesn’t like parties that much. Again she was there for me, like the angel she is.

“You are inside every kindness. When a sick person feels better, you’re that.”


My mom and I have a lot of things in common. We both like nature, eating, reading, listening to music, sometimes singing (we are not good singers though), learning and some other things. She is the kind of person I can talk for hours without getting bored and we always find serious or funny topics to chit chat. Well she has such a sense of humour and always makes me laugh.

One thing we don’t have in common (among others of course) is that she is not a traveler like me. However, in February I took her on a trip to the capital city so she could visit my younger brother and spend a good time together. She was brave and she enjoyed the trip a lot. On that trip I felt like the mother, taking care of her, guiding her, answering her questions, taking her to new places and letting her know the positive sides of travelling. She was an amazing learner and made that trip one of the best of my life.

I had so many memories from that trip. One of them is when we had lunch in Punto Azul which is a very famous restaurant in Miraflores, Lima. While we were waiting for our lunch they offered us some mandalas to color. So we did! I felt like a little kid again enjoying the peaceful company of my mom.

I can’t be more grateful with life to have her as a mother. She is my hero, my angel, my role model, my sweetest word, and many more things. Thank you mamá for choosing being a mother and making me part of your life.

If you are also celebrating mother’s day, do not hesitate to show her the love she deserve. There different ways, I’m pretty sure she will appreciate whatever you do just because it comes from you.

Happy mother’s day!

Before having lunch in our last trip in February, 2020

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