May is here!

May is one of my favorite months. I have three main reasons for this choice, do you want to know which they are? Just go ahead and enjoy the post of this week.

I love May, in Peru is already autumn but the weather is still nice in Arequipa (my hometown). The days are normally sunny and the afternoons are warm. So, it’s a pleasure to spend time outside. Well under these circumstances some things might change, we can still have fun.

This is what people in the Southern hemisphere experience but I guess it might be different in other cities even though they’re located in the same side of the world. For example in Adelaide, Australia at this very time is really cold, windy and sometimes rainy. So as you can see over there it’s another story. On the other hand, in the Northern hemisphere May is synonym of spring, flowers, sun, blossoms and so on.

“All things seem possible in May.”


Another reason why May is one of my favorite months (the second is September) is because I was born in this month. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not narcissistic but I believe we might celebrate the day we came to the earth. When I was a child we did not have a lot of money to make big celebrations of anything but my mom always found a way to make you feel so special on your birthday. She has a very strict and sweet ritual that last the whole day, starting with a delicious breakfast and ending the with a big meal in the evening. No wonder why I love this month.

The third reason why I like this month very much is because coincidentally we celebrate mother’s day. In Peru mother’s day is the second Sunday of May, I’m not sure about other countries but in Australia, it’s exactly the same. Personally I don’t think we need to wait for any fixed day to show our mothers and mothers figures the love, gratitude and appreciation they deserve but this day is still nice.

Well as you can see this month gives me good vibes. I got energyzed just thinking May was coming despite the current situation around the world. This May won’t be the same anyway, I’m still lockdown in a small town 12 hours far from my city due to quarantine in Peru. I’m crossing my fingers I can come back home before my birthday, if not I will find the way to make this day special for myself. All in all, May is here and this is a reason enough to keep our minds calm and hopeful.

Do you also like May? Which is your favorite month? Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments or feedback. I wish you a great beginning of May and the strength to overcome this crisis.

Peace and light from here!

4 thoughts on “May is here!”

  1. I’m so glad to see your happiness and optimism in your post, my friend. Wow, I never would have guessed it would be cold in Australia now. Wishing you many, many blessings, including getting to go home before your birthday! 🙂

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  2. Dear Daphne,
    My favorite month of the year would probably be May too. I totally agree with the way you write about may. because I think so too.

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