Days of quarantine II

April has arrived and the quarantine is still in Peru. Yesterday we have started the second term of social distancing for 12 days more. Sadly, there are more cases everyday (more than one thousand so far). The president and the ministers are working so hard to keep the Peruvians safe and at the same time to maintain the economic health which is not easy. In a way it makes me feel proud and so grateful for having these leaders looking after us (especially those who need more help).

Still, many Peruvians (myself included) are still concerned about what would happen when the 12 days come to an end. Would it be safe to leave our homes? Would it be as usual? I don’t think! I guess the following days new measure will be taken. As predicted this Covid-19 will be around us a few months more. Meanwhile, please do not stop caring for you and your love ones. We need to be strong and together more than ever.

Last Sunday, I had a day off. I am working on a few things and I’m spending many hours in front of the computer. Even though I do yoga and meditation in a regular basis, sometimes we need to disconnect from work (totally). So, I decided ‘doing nothing’ for one day. That day (among other things) I watched the movie ‘eat, pray, love’. I remember I watched this movie several years ago though it felt brand new. The take away from the movie was that the worst moments are like a bell that rings to teach us something, to probably make a better version of ourselves, to learn and grow; so better do not scape and just surrender to them. We might not probably need to go to Italy, India or Thailand to heal ourselves, we can just make the best out of it wherever we are.

‘Ruin is the road of transformation.’

Eat, pray, love (movie)

Another activity that is really helping lately, is meditation. Perhaps, I am not the best example to tell you how to meditate, honestly I don’t think there is a recipe or formule to do it. However, from my beginner knowledge I might say that the key of this activity is breathing. I never thought about the power of our breath. So, if you want to try just find a comfortable position (sitting or standing) and naturally breathe. I normally repeat some phrases to help me to concentrate and keep aware of my breathing e.g. you can say: breathing in (I know I am breathing in), breathing out (I know this is an out breath). You can change the phrases and replace them for words appeal to you. You might find it difficult the first times but little by little you will see the results. Do not forget that this is like any activity that deserve patience and commitment. Good luck with that!

Currently, it is still raining in Orcopampa. I can’t avoid to spend a few minutes a day observing the beautiful sceneries which I consider amazing gifts to embrace. I believe you also have nice reasons to be grateful for, just need to look (attentively).

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to write them down. This blog is about teaching, learning and dreaming. We are all here to learn, please use this space to do so.

Peace and light from here!

About to rain in Orcopampa (Arequipa – Peru)

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