Days of quarantine

Lately the world turns around numbers. More than 3 hundred thousand cases of COVID-19 in 192 countries and territories and 1 international conveyance. More than 100 thousand people have happily recovered. However, other 16 thousand have died which is incredibly sad. It seems that this so called ‘coronavirus’ (a minuscule organism) have showed its power and has caused a lot of damage. (Source

Seventh day sky, taken from the roof of this little place

Peru is one of those 192 countries which is infected by the coronavirus. In what concerns to the measures taken, it’s been eight days since the 15 day quarantine has started. The president has declared the ’emergence state’ in the whole country in order to stop the spread of this virus. As a result, more than 30 million Peruvians are lockdown in their houses. So far, we have 395 confirmed cases and we hope that these numbers do not grow in the following days.

As you can see numbers and more numbers, does this mean something? When all this has started? Does the earth is trying to say something? Is it only a random medical issue? Is the world going to be the same after this? Are we going to be the same after this? How many things are happening outside the walls of this little place? Is there any change out there? As you can see during these first eight days I have wondered many things. Some questions have answers, others not.

I do not pretend to cause any sadness or worry. I really believe this period is a great opportunity for reflection, looking inwards and listening (attentively) to us. I think our bodies have many things to say. Most of us are consumed by our jobs, commitments, activities and we normally say ‘I don’t have time’, I will do this or that when ‘I will have time’ then now we have all the time available. Perhaps, we all are craving for stopping, silence and calmness. How many times have you gave yourself a break? By the way, we are not machines.

Perhaps, it’s also an ideal chance to learn, to grow, to show gratitude for everything we have (especially those little things we maybe must have been taken for granted), to say thank you to our family, to our friends, to our partners, to our companions, to those ones who are there for us. We might say ‘thanks’ or we might do something to show our appreciation. That is a big act of love!

Regarding this Peruvian girl, I am spending the quarantine in a little town called Orcopampa (10 hours far from the city). These days I’ve been taking care of me, doing some stretching, eating slowlier, observing the sky, reading and taking some pictures. No strict schedules, just listening to what my body needs. I really hope there won’t be a need of another virus to give the earth and us a pause.

What does this quarantine means to you? I’d like to read your thoughts. Keep safe wherever you are or whatever you are doing.

Peace and light from here!

Calmness on quarantine days, Orcopampa 3800 m.a.s.l. (Arequipa – Peru)

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