A trip with her!

After returning to Peru, I spent time reconecting with my family. By the way, I have 4 siblings, 12 newphews and nieces and 1 great-niece (apart from many anties, uncles and cousins). As you can imagine my family is huge and literally I became a great-aunt, that sounds pretty old-like, isn’t it? Well that’s another story and probably another post on my blog.

One of my passions is traveling. I labelled myself as a solo-traveler. I love travelling by myself, going on my own schedule, choosing my own places, discovering and rediscovering places, thinking a lot while I commute, meeting new people and making new friends among other benefits. It does not mean I don’t enjoy travelling with company, there are always special human beings to travel with.

Regarding my last point (about special human beings to travel with), for my last trip I took a peculiar person. I went to Lima with my mom which is the capital city of Peru and it is located in the middle-coast in the East. Returning to the previous idea, I have to say that to have traveled with my mother was a very rewarding experience in every sense.

Any experience makes you grow and learn. However, traveling with your mother gives you more than that. I don’t have children and I normally I just care for myself, but being in charge of my mom for those days made me realize how precious is to care for somebody else. Also, I found out that my mother and I share many things have in common. We both love the nature, the historical places, walking, enjoying little things, laughing about anything, eating and more.

I knew my mom as the beautiful mother she is with plenty of good sides. On this trip, I learned more about her and more a lot from her. Gosh, she is so patient! I wish I had a little more of her patience, still learning. I loved observing her when she was captured by the leaves of the trees or the sounds of the birds. She looked like a girl captured by a world that not everyone would appreciate. She is a wonderful human being and my hero. I am so lucky!

‘ You are inside every kindness. When a sick person feels better, you’re that.’

Mamá y yo

Have you ever traveled with your mother? If so, share your thoughts. If not, do not hesitate to start planning your next trip with her. I assure you that your journey will be full of learning, tenderness, care and love.

PD. Lima is a great destination. It has amazing places to visit, walk and see. The variety of food is incredible. You can enjoy the traditional Peruvian dishes and drinks. If you need any tip, you can just ask. Cheers from Peru!

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