In Summer, it rains!

It’s January 2020 in Peru. I live in the South of this country in a small and beautiful city called Arequipa. It’s Summer in Peru and the coast of my county displays sunny and hot days, beach and party time. It’s 27° C in Lima (the capital city). It’s a good day, isn’t it?

Today in Arequipa is 17° C, precipitation 100 %, humidity 90% and wind 13 km/hour. What does this mean? Well, Arequipa has a very special weather. It’s sunny most of the part of the year but in Summer, it rains!

Currently the rain is not as heavy as it used to be. When I was a child the rain used to start exactly at Christmas eve and did not stop until last days of February. The rain was that heavy that one could have unexpected swimming pools outside the house. Of course, we did have! My siblings enjoyed playing there and I enjoyed looking at them through the small window in my room. In my childhood, I used to get sick easily; so, for me Summer time was mostly inside my room.

‘Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.’

Roger Miller

These days are normally cloudy and it starts raining after lunch time. The streets look cleaner, the trees look greener, the people look calmer, the mountains look whiter, the sky looks cloudier, Misti (the biggest volcano here) looks more stunning. There is something in the air that makes everything different, a little bit more special then usual. This Summer rain is bringing more than drops, coats, umbrellas and boots.

The forecasters predicted that this weather is going to last until mid February. There is plenty of time to enjoy this pleasing season in Arequipa. Do not hesitate to leave your room when it rains, there is more to enjoy behind the windows.

Cheers from here!

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