December is still here!

Today is Tuesday, the last day of December, the last day of 2019. It’s been 9 nine days since my adventure in Australia ended and a new adventure has begun in my homeland Peru.

After I came back it took me several days to adapt my body to the Peruvian schedules, I guess after living for 2 years in Aussie (land) one’s body gets used to its shape. Never mind! I am back in Peru and its flavours and colours made realise how much in love I am with this country. Anyways it doesn’t matter where you are, home is where your heart is.

Australia has given me an amazing 2019, plenty of challenges and rewards. I experienced stunning sunsets and sunrises, loving people, colours, tastes and variety in my beautiful Adelaide. It never left me alone, it embraced me and helped me (with lots of care) to build a better version of myself. Isn’t that enough to keep this beautiful country in my heart? Thanks Australia, thanks Adelaide for this unforgettable 2019.

A last walk at Henley Beach – Adelaide, South Australia (21 of December 2019)

I didn’t know what to expect about my returning to my country. I feel blessed to have people who were waiting for me, I can’t feel more grateful for that. My city Arequipa is small, lovely, with an air of colonialism and modernism at the same time. It has those little places where you can have a beer, eat, chat, enjoy! Those places, those people that make you feel so much loved.

‘Don’t postpone it, existence has no better gift.’


Back in my city, I continued with those habits I got when I lived in Australia. Especially my everyday walks, this time not towards the jetty in Henley Beach though the landscapes around here are remarkable. Also, this time one of my sisters joined me. I can’t describe how nice it feels to share this beautiful activity with her. We get up very early and start walking, talking, laughing and dreaming. December is still here and I don’t want to miss every single minute.

To those who kindly read my lines, I hope 2019 has given you learning and wisdom. I wish 2020 comes with much more surprises, peace, light and love.

Cheers from Arequipa!

Walking in Arequipa, Peru (31 of December at 6:00 am)

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