More than books, my days in the library

UniSA Magill campus – Adelaide – South Australia

” I don’t have to look far to find treasures.

I discovered them every time I visit a library.”

Michael Embry

I started my masters exactly 619 days ago. I vividly remember my two first weeks in Australia, I was relaxed and just amazed about everything the university, the people, the transportation, the weather, the environment, about anything. It was like a sweet anesthesia. I haven’t realized yet what it means to study a Master in another country, in another language, with other standards, with other requirements, and specially with MANY words to write.

When I came back to the reality, luckily it was not late. There were still 50 days until the due date so I thought I have plenty of time. My first paper was a report of 2500 words. And I had to write 3 more of them, what???? What was I thinking about? I should have started going to the library since the very first day I stepped Adelaide. Never mind! There’s nothing to regret, nothing is wasted. We are here to learn.

That was the perfect ‘ring bell’ I needed to start working very hard. Since then, I made the resolution to spend most of my time in the library. The library in Magill campus is small, comfy, lots of available computers, shelves with plenty of books, kitchen, couches, free WiFi, etc. Honestly, you don’t want to go home anymore after all this luxury. It was really pleasant to be there. I met a few friends, had a chat, and started my own exploration about what it meant to be a Master student.

Those days in Magill library served to learn a lot. I read different articles, books, journals, online material and all the information available. Suddenly, I start writing my first paper and one day (after being sat for several days in front of a computer) I finished my first 2500 word report. That day I cried, I just couldn’t believe that I wrote such long paper and in English. Probably it’s not a lot, but for me it was. Those tears where just happiness!

In a blink on an eye, I was starting my second semester. By that time I moved so I couldn’t go to my little Magill library anymore. At the beginning, it was weird not to be there but life is about moving forward. So, I started going to the huge Jeffrey Smart (JS) building. It’s only 6 floors but it is a giant library. All these 6 floors are dedicated to university students from around the world. Moreover, it’s open to the public, anyone can use the facilities. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

It was different at the beginning but little by little JS building became more than a place to study, it was a place to be. It is still to what I call my sanctuary. I saw MANY sunsets from those wide windows throughout the seasons of the year. I enjoyed being surrounded by many people working so hard on their papers. They didn’t know who I was but they inspired me to keep going. I am very grateful for that.

Libraries are more than books on beautiful and neat shelves. They are amazing places to learn, to grow, to connect, to imagine, to challenge yourself… In my hometown, I normally go to a couple of libraries in the middle of the city. They are not as huge but they open the same doors (any library does).

There are fifty days to my graduation. In a couple of months, this adventure will come to its end. I don’t want to miss any day. There are still a couple of papers to go, many words to write and plenty stories to tell.

Do you have any library-story to share? Feel free to comment below. Don’t forget that this is a safe space to learn.

Thank you!

Cheers from the library 🙂

My days in the library – Jeffrey Smart Building – UniSA (quiet 6th floor)

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