In October, I’m here! (十月在这里)

Flower and bird painting of Qing dynasty 清 (1644-1911)

I came back from China a couple of days ago and it’s fascinating how many things can vary within two hours time difference. For example, October has marked the beginning of autumn in China. Before I left the weather has changed drastically from sunny and sticky to rainy and freezing days. Chinese women have also changed their fashionable outfits (they are very stylish even in winter times). I saw more people drinking tea and hot soups in the restaurants which keep you warm. Also children are wearing more cosy clothing and they look so cute. Whereas in Australia people have started wearing the summer outfit, so have I.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

L.M Montgomary

October is a very special month for China. The first of October is the ‘national day’ which is a massive and impressive celebration. There are thousands of people walking in the streets, huge parades, music, light, amazing food, giggling, lots of joy. I was amazed by the respect Chinese have for their country and flag which is everywhere (even in tiny bikes). The national holidays last 7 days which allows people to travel and just stay at home and do nothing!

Show of light in the Giant Goose Pagoda on the 1st of October (Xi’an)

On the following days an electric train took me to a fantastic adventure. I travelled 380 km p/h to visit Chengdu. Perhaps you may wonder, why? Well Chengdu is a small city in the southwestern of China in Sichuan province. It’s famous for the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding where you can view pandas in their natural habitat. That means they are not in cages, glasses or whatsoever. These beautiful animals live free and you can see them from far or sometimes near (it depends on them). They seems to be very slow-motion but you just see them when they climb a tree, Goshhhh they are so fast! By the way, there are also red and yellow pandas which is unbelievable.

Pandas in Chengdu (They are having a nice chat)

Chengdu is also a historical city. Its streets are decorated with paintings and Chinese calligraphy. There are merchants selling fruit and food in the old style (I really like it!). The little streets with different restaurants, tea and pastry shops, beautiful flowers welcome you in a very nice way. The people are warm and polite. The air in Chengdu feels very fresh and clean. I didn’t need to wear my mask there so that was a huge relief. Chengdu is famous for its ‘hotpot’. I mean it’s really HOT, you need a lot of water and fruit while you eat it, otherwise do not dare to try this exotic dish. I just spent two days in Chengdu but they were enough to make good memories.

October is here and it has given me the most memorable 14 first days. China has challenged me to teach English to those wonderful students and I hope I did a good job. It’s incredible that little experiences can make you grow and that we never stop learning. Honestly, I feel so lucky and blessed. I had 27 amazing days with a beautiful team, fantastic students, amazing mountains, trees, food, colors and lots of love. My adventure in China is over and I am back to my lovely Henley Beach.

Thank you so much China ❤ (xié-xié-laaaa)

“If you want to live more alive,

love is the truest health.”

My last day at work! (Xi’an-China)

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