Romantic and beautiful Xi’an

North square of Dayan Pagoda

Xi’an is an amazing city with plenty of love, romanticism, peace and light. It rained for the first few days, now it’s is really pleasant.The people are very friendly and polite, whenever I greet them in ‘Chinese’ they reply with a smile and so I do (Am I saying correctly? I hope!).


‘Every step is a footprint.’

Chinese proverb

The Chinese calligraphy is a synonym of beauty, culture and there is a lot of of meaning behind each character. The sun and the moon together means ‘bright’ and the mother and a child together means ‘good’, isn’t this beautiful? Two trees together means ‘forest’ and the sun and a three means ‘east’ and the list goes on. This language is tender and makes me feel home (I don’t know why). I just can’t wait to learn more.

Chinese calligraphy

Xi’an has many things to offer. This city is very famous for its delicious cuisine, the moon cakes, the lights are night, historical sites, amazing mountains that surround the city, the trees and many more things.

The mountains in Xi’an


‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.


Terracota warriors is fascinating, more than 6000 warriors, horses and weapons to protect the emperor for the eternity.

Terracota warriors found in 1974

What I love the most is the ‘tea culture’. I’m a tea lover, so I just can’t be happier. They have numerous types of teas: green tea, white tea, red tea, black tea, jasmine tea, flower tea and so on. The tea moment is a real encounter with you and yourself.

Crysanthemum tea

In Xi’an autumn has arrived. In the northern hemisphere, the beginning of a new season displays different colours and textures. Some days ago I was experiencing the beginning of spring in my little Adelaide, now Xi’an offers me the opportunity to experience autumn for the second time in one year.

Maple leaf

Autumn has also brought some fever. Since I’ve arrived I had itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, etc. I thought it is just a simple cold. After I went to the hospital due to an unbearable pain, I found out that I got ‘hay fever’ that means I can’t be near flowers, trees, and in general the environment provokes me allergy. Isn’t that funny? With the correct medication and a mask, I am ready for more adventures in my lovely Xi’an. I won’t quit!

Xié – xié – laaaaa! (Thank you so much!)

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