Xi’an is awaiting …

I’m heading to Xi’an in some more hours. Xi’an is a small and historical city in the middle of China in Shaanxi province. So far I know that this city has a wonderful food, that Terracotta warriors is a must do visit and that the weather is likable. The forecast says that it will be cool and rainy the following days.

This is my first time in Asia region. I don’t know what to expect. I just know that I want to make the most of out each day. Even though I am not going on holidays, I have the feeling that Xi’an is awaiting for me with many surprises. Regarding my last post, I will experience September in the Northern Hemisphere for the first time in my whole life. So, Xi’an you are becoming something to really look forward.

Am I getting nervous? Yes, I am! I will teach English to Chinese learners who are studying architecture in second year, is this enough reason? Probably not but I’ve been not teaching for almost three years so… there is a little nervousness over there. Never mind! I hope everything works well and that my 40 students behave reasonably well and that we all have fun while learning ‘English’ and many more things.

I will spend 27 days in Xi’an. What a convivial number of days, isn’t it? I learnt some essential Chinese words/expressions 您好 (nin-hao) hello and 你吃了吗 (ni-chi-le-ma) literally means have you eaten? but it’s a way to ask how you are. I hope I survive China, its beautiful yet complex language and that these 27 days allow remarkable memories.

‘The journey, not the arrival matters.’

Harvest moon, September 13 2019

In case you have been/worked there, you might probably have some recommendations. If so, you are more than welcome to share your experience.

谢谢! (xie-xie) Thank you!

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