The colors of September

How does September make you feel? Probably for those who live in the South hemisphere, September means green, warmth, perhaps some clouds, still some rain, and maybe some light. That light that reminds us the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

In Adelaide autumn and winter are normally cold, wet, rainy, windy, cloudy so spring is something to look forward. People star wearing less and more. By less I mean, no more scarves, gloves, cozy jumpers, boots or heavy rainy coats. By more I mean, more brightness, more glow and, in one way or another, more smiles. Are the the seasons shaping our moods? I don’t know! I guess everyone is different.

‘A smile can relax hundreds of muscles in your face, and relax your nervous system. A smile makes you master of yourself.’

Thich Nhat Hanh

However, September is such a particular month of the year that initiates inner inspirations in many South-Hemispherians. Some persons have started posting colorful pictures, gleeful phrases, updating profiles pictures (myself included), talking more softly and warmly, walking slowly, etc. These recent observations made think that September might have something special or it’s us who have this peculiar reaction whenever September arrives. Whatever the reason is September is here and it has brought much more than 30 days.

In what concerns about me, I love September. Honestly, I try not to look forward what is not yet to come but I can’t deny how nice it makes me feel when I see the calendar and August is about to finish. In my hometown it’s always sunny so September is not a synonym of ‘sun’ though the weather becomes absolutely pleasant. When I was a child, September meant not to wear a big jumper in the evenings anymore so that was a huge reward, at least for me.

Adelaide is not much different. The colors of September display glee, joy, tenderness, passion, kindness and many more things. Thanks Adelaide for being colorful in your way, thanks for producing exquisite emotions within myself and thanks for making people show their beauty in all kinds.

The jetty of Henley Beach at 6:30 am on 2 September 2019
Adelaide – South Australia

What colors did September bring for you? It’s almost the middle of this vibrant month and I’m pretty sure your palette has been already used. Feel free to share your thoughts or comments. Cheers from Adelaide!

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