My little home in Australia!

Henley Beach, Adelaide, South Australia

I arrived in Australia last year in the middle of February. I am not really good at numbers but I guess there might be many (lots of) weeks in between. Countless things have happened since the 19th of February 2018 to today, most of them just wonderful memories.

I live in Henley Beach which is an amazing and peaceful neighbourhood. Indeed, it is my little home in Australia as since the very beginning it has treated me with lots of love and made me feel comfortable. It is just ideal for taking walks by the beach or running in summer or winter. By the way Aussies do not care about the season to stay out. Well I understand, Henley Beach is just perfect the whole year.

My neighbours are friendly and most of them have a smile to share when I go for a walk. These days are pretty special as the weather is changing little by little. The first picture displays the stunning colours of last Tuesday sunrise.

I reckon (as Aussies say) the stunning sunrises and sunsets in Henley Beach it is what captivates people the most. So, everyone (myself included) enjoys taking pictures of these fascinating views.

‘What you seek is seeking you.’


Another remarkable feature of my sweet Henley Beach are my neighbours’ beautiful flowers. I normally take a shoot of them when I go to the bus stop. They are just the best companion for my sometimes 5 or sometimes 7 minutes walk towards my destination.

It does not matter where you are, I am a believer that every place has its beauty and plenty things to offer.

‘Blossom where you are planted.’


These flowers are gorgeous, aren’t they? More importantly they do make me smile whenever I see them.

If you feel temped to share where you live and what makes your place special, leave a comment or send me a mail. I’d love to read about where your home and why it brings you happiness.

Cheers from Henley Beach!

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